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Karl Yang is music director and conductors for a few Australian Choirs. The choirs produce performances in Australia and overseas regularly. 

Australia Yellow River Philharmonic Chorus

Australia Yellow River Chorus and Sydney New Philharmonic Chorus merged into as Australia Yellow River Philharmonic Chorus (AYRPC). AYRPC has more than 500 registered members in total. In the past, the choir has toured in Asian and European countries. On her tenth anniversary (2010.9), AYRPC had a concert tour in China, Hungary and Austria. The choir premiered the Chinese classical works “Yellow River Cantata” at the Vienna Golden Hall, which marked a milestone in AYRPC’s history. 

AYRPC’s artistic director and conductor by Karl Yang. The choir has performed more than ten large concerts in many places such as: Sydney Opera House, Sydney Town Hall, Verbrugghen Hall of Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Sydney Entertainment Centre etc. AYRPC participated in many performing and cultural exchange programs held by the CCTV, Phoenix TV, Shanghai Eastern TV, Henan TV, Hunan TV, Chongqing TV, ACPAA and Australia Yellow River Performing Art Organization. The choir had also performed as vocal accompaniment for the Chinese famous singers such as Ms. Song Zuying, Ms. Wan Shanhong, Mr. Ding Yi at Sydney Opera House solo concert. In 2005, AYRC participated "Hukou International Choral Festival" and won first prize. In addition, the choir involved the choir contest organized by ABC Radio and World United Association and won the third place. The choir actively involved in charity performance organized by Australia Flying Doctor Services, actively involved in fund raising concert for China and Myanmar natural disaster and Sichuan earthquake. AYRPC will continuously present and promote Chinese classical art to the world, so that the Western can understand and learn more about Chinese culture and history. The chorus will use her performances and songs to praise a harmonious word and a bright future.

Australia Good Friends Chamber Choir

The Australia Good Friends Chamber Choir was founded in May 2005. It is the first salon-style music group in the Chinese community. It was founded by the well known Chinese baritone Xiaoqiang Jin, mezzo-soprano Annie Brent, pianist Vivian Chen and music editor Yitai Zhou, together with conductor Karl Yang. The leadership is comprised of musical experts from China, and serves as a sounding board and platform for locally based artists. Within the space of five years, the group has accomplished duet, trio, and quartet to a professional level, singing world famous songs.

The Australia Good Friends Chamber Choir has performed highly successful concerts every year in Zenith Theatre, The Independent Theatre, and the Verbrugghen Hall in Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In 2008 and 2009 it also received warm welcomes from the audience in Gosford NSW. In April 2009, The Australia Good Friends Chamber Choir was invited to perform a concert in Auckland New Zealand. Getting a successful concert overseas was yet another big achievement for us all.


Head of Choir: Li Ruihui 
Permanent conductor: Karl Yang
Piano accompaniment: Vivian Chen

The Australian Hwa Sheng chorus was founded in 1976. It was the first established Chinese choir in Sydney. The choir members come from all sectors of the Chinese community including pharmacists, accountants, computer specialists, nurses and housewives. They are a mixed four-part choir; they sing traditional Chinese folk songs, artistic styled songs and strict religious songs as a selection list. One reason for the establishment of this choir is to cultivate overseas Chinese sentiment and promote the Chinese culture, in order to maintain "cultural heritage". In recent years, they have also sung some catchy popular pop songs with graceful moods, which captures the audience and shows some excellent concert effects. 

In the heyday of Australian Hwa Sheng chorus, the choir represented China in the annual "Folk Festival" performance at Sydney Opera House. Years ago, the choir has welcomed quite a few choirs to perform in Sydney. Choirs include:"Taipei Christian Children's Choir", "Hong Kong Yip's Children's Choir", "American Cai Yun Chorus”, "Taipei Mother's Choir", "The St. Vincent Catholic  Children's Choir", and "Vancouver Cjinese Choir Association " had participated in different concerts. 

In the past decade, conductor Karl Yang and pianist Vivian Chen carefully trained and guided the choir. The choir not only held a number of performances in Sydney, but also gradually engaging to perform overseas, including the 2005 tour in attending the First China International Choral Festival held at Hukou. In 2006 the choir participated in “The Second China International Chinese Choral Festival (Dong Zhou Cup)”. In December the same year, for celebration of the choir’s 30th Birthday they were invited to perform in Shanghai. In 2007, the choir went to perform in Taiwan, they toured in Taipei’s Gao-Xiong and Hua-lian and received high praise. In 2008, the choir visited Singapore and Malaysia, they performed in "Nanyang Institute of the Arts Concert Hall." At the present stage, Australia Hwa Sheng chorus is willing to become even stronger and more lively, to create a more diversified profile in the future. 

West Region Chinese Association Chorus of Sydney

Head of Choir: Shu Fen Wang  
Conductor: Karl Yang    
Pianist: An Quan Li

West Region Chinese Association Chorus of Sydney was founded in June 1996, members of the choir come from all parts of Sydney. For more than a decade, the choir has been going to rehearsals at Ashfield town hall. Under the guidence and training of conductor Karl Yang, the choir has held many concerts, and has received praise from the Ashfield council. In February 2000, the choir participated in the performance of "Yellow River Cantata" in Sydney Opera House.

The Australia Sydney Yellow River Chorus

The Sydney Yellow River Chorus was established in December 1998. This choir was led by Karl Yang, who took on the position of artistic director and conductor. In less than 5 years, with hard work, enthuthiasm of the choir and the leadership of Karl, the choir accumulated a great number of chorus pieces, and performance on many occasions. There was a sense of exceptional achievement in the choir as they had several performances in the stage of Sydney Opera House, including "1999 Australia Chinese music concert in Sydney", and "Yellow River Cantata" on 6th February 2000. Another performance by the chior was held at Sydney Town Hall for the welcoming ceremony of Chinese delegation in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. On 18th May 2002, the Choir was perfomed in Concert “Glorious Sounds”, invited by SBS Youth Orchestra at Sydney Town Hall, On 20th December 2003, the "Christmas and New year concert" was held at Sydney Town Hall, organised be the Yellow River Chorus and conducted by Karl Yang.

Australia Joy Chorus

The Australia Joy Chorus was established by conductor Karl Yang in 2004. It is a very energetic choir which has more than 20 members who are passionate about the art of chorus. The Australia Joy Chorus has been invited in two consecutive years to perform at the Sydney Town Hall in a major music event "Celebration of Word and Song". In 2005, Australia Joy Chorus was invited to perform in the Chinese National Day Celebration hosted by Chinese embassy in Canberra, and received recognition from all representatives of other countries. In 2006, Australia Joy Chorus was invited to participate in Beijing for "The Second China International Chinese Choral Festival" competition (Dong Zhou Cup) at which the choir received best language award. Australia Joy Chorus' best intention is to render the most beautiful music to friends who enjoy and have passion for the art of chorus.