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MIDI  - [ Musical Instrument Digital Interface ]

Introducing Our Products:

Since 1994, we have used and produced lots of music using MIDI.  In 1999,  I studied MIDI under ART PHILLIPS who is an accomplished Composer/Producer of Film and TV music in Australia.

We have made over 500 music productions using MIDI. Including TV title music, Advertising music, Dance music, Accompainment music for children's songs, Karaoke music, Rhythmic gymnastics music, and Church music. please enjoy our example of MIDI music:

Track 1: Question where the way is


What is MIDI?

MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a music industry standard communications protocol that lets MIDI instruments and sequencers (or computers running sequencer software) talk to each other to play and record music. More and more of the music you hear every day is written with and played by MIDI sequencers.

MIDI is:

  • Compact - Hours of music can fit on a single 3 1/2" floppy disk, thousands of songs on a CD
  • Efficient - Just about any computer can handle it
  • Powerful - A whole orchestra is at your command
  • Versatile - A click of a button is all it takes to change key, tempo, instrument, etc.
  • Intuitive - a MIDI file is just an electronic version of a player piano roll for many instruments
  • Portable Industry Standard - Any MIDI instrument can talk to any other.

Who needs MIDI Classics?

Students; Music Teachers; Performers; Producers; Dancer; Composers; Arrangers; Hobbyists; Music Lovers; All can use the power MIDI gives!